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I love the SaaS (Software as a Service) business model because it encourages us to keep adding value to our offering.

In the spirit of transparency, this is what our Dev team is currently working on (ordered by highest to lowest priority) --

  1. Integrating with LinkedIn (Outbox initially, Inbox to follow)..... Update : Complete

  2. Integrating with Facebook Groups (Outbox initially, Inbox to follow).... Update : Complete

  3. Integrating with Google+ (The Google+ API is not an open API yet, so we're working on getting Google's blessing before we can begin work on this one. Outbox initially, Inbox to follow)

  4. Opening up our API - We built Stacker to fully support OAuth 2.0. Our native Android app already uses OAuth to sign users in, so this one shouldn't be too difficult to put in place. The API will also make it easy for services like IFTTT, Zapier and others to integrate with Stacker.

Want something integrated that's not in the list? Let me know in the comments.

We are happy to announce that we've completed work on Stacker's integration with Facebook Groups. You can connect any number of Facebook Groups that you are an Administrator on and post to them on a schedule via Stacker's Outbox.

Integration with the Inbox is coming soon.

LinkedIn is the world's largest professional network and I am pleased to announce that we have completed integrating Stacker with LinkedIn today.

You can now connect any number of LinkedIn Profiles, Company Pages and Groups to Stacker and publish content (photos,links and text) on a schedule via Stacker's Outbox.

LinkedIn has also been added as an alternate Sign On/Sign Up method in addition to the Facebook, Twitter and Email options already available. Integration with Stacker's Inbox is currently under development.

With the completion of this integration, Stacker now connects to the 3 largest Social Networks and you can rest assured that we are just getting started ;)

We've made some great progress over the last week with the integration of both Facebook Groups and LinkedIn into Stacker's Outbox.

Here's our Roadmap for the coming week(s):

  1. LinkedIn Inbox integration
  2. LinkedIn Reports integration
  3. Facebook Groups Inbox integration
  4. Facebook Groups Reports integration
  5. Twitter Direct Messages Inbox integration
  6. Facebook Pages 'private-inbox messages' Inbox integration
  7. Still waiting to hear back from the Google+ team on our Pages API application.

We've received so much excellent feedback from our users over the last few weeks and we've implemented the vast majority of the feature requests we've received.

A few notable ones are:

  1. The option to Auto-archive an inbox message after you've replied to it
  2. Inbox Notification emails now have LIKE and FAVORITE options, so you can perform those actions without ever leaving your email Inbox

Want something integrated that's not in the list? Let me know in the comments.

When you add a URL into the Compose box, Stacker automatically fetches the content of the web page and creates an attachment snippet that will be shared along with your post.

The new 'Upload Image' option makes it easy to replace the default image with any image you upload from your computer.

Tip: Use an image with a width of 500px or more, your fans will see it in the full-width Layout on Facebook

Facebook Screenshot

Have you ever wanted to see your entire conversation history with a user on Social Media?

Thats Easy to do with Stacker's message-history feature.

Simply click the Profile Photo of any user in the INBOX and it will open a window with ALL incoming messages from that user, starting from the day you connected that social media account to Stacker.

(1) Click any User's Profile Photo -

(2) The Conversation history window -

Your entire conversation history with that user

Stacker's Inbox will now also display Direct Messages (DMs) from Twitter in addition to @mentions and @replies.

Replying to incoming messages from your followers across all your social media accounts has never been this easy!

We want Stacker to be your default go-to app for all your Social Media communication needs. Today we take one more step in that direction by adding support for Facebook Page Messages.

Many of our users use their brand's Facebook Page as an additional channel for customer support and we are pleased to roll out this much-requested feature today.

Your Stacker Inbox will now display private messages received across all your Facebook Pages in one place making it quick and easy for you to wow your fans with super fast responses to their queries.

We were very excited to see a detailed video review of Stacker by - Kimberly Ann Jimenez - A specialist in all things "Social Media".

In this video I'm going to show you exactly why I love Stacker app and how I use it to manage and monitor my social media marketing. It's definitely one of my top social media marketing tools and I can't wait for you to try it out.

--- Kimberly Ann Jimenez

If you need an expert to manage your brand's Social Media campaign, her company is certainly one of the very best there is.

Pinterest is one of the fastest growing Social Media sites in the world and we were pleased to hear that they opened up their API to 3rd party developers a few months ago.

We are very excited to announce today that you can now connect and post to your Pinterest accounts via Stacker.

Good news for all our users on Apple's Safari browser - We are pleased to launch the Safari Extension for Stacker.

You can now share links to interesting Webpages and Photos from anywhere on the web quickly and easily.

Get it here: