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We’re very pleased to announce that Stacker hits a big milestone today after 7 months in the oven --- version 1.0 Beta

What does Stacker do?

Stacker makes it super easy for you to manage all your Social Media accounts in One place.

What can I do with Stacker?

  1. Publish with ease - Simply add all the content you want to share into Stacker’s Outbox Queue and we’ll post each one out at the best times throughout the day, so that your fans and followers see your updates more often.
  2. Reply with ease - "Social Media" like "Love", is a 2 way street. Simply posting content to your accounts won’t cut it. You need to engage with your fans regularly to build a loyal fanbase. When your fans and followers @mention, @reply, comment or post to any of your Social Media accounts, Stacker pulls their messages into a single Universal Inbox, making it quick and easy for you to Reply, Like and Favorite their messages.
  3. Reports that give you the Real picture - Stacker gives you detailed insights on your fanbase and the performance of your Social Media campaigns. Everything from the number of Likes/Favorites that each post receives to the Cities and Countries that visits come from is tracked and presented in easy-to-read reports.

Why did we build it?

Over the years, we’ve had to manage multiple Social Media accounts for our own brands. As a small team we couldn’t afford to have someone working full-time in this role, so as the founder, I decided to take on the task myself. I soon realized that this sounded much easier than it actually was:

  1. Posting out content and replying to incoming messages meant that I had to log in and out of multiple accounts, multiple times a day. Switching between accounts on my desktop was tedious, but doing the same thing on my iPhone was a nightmare!
  2. Since the majority of our customers are in a different timezone than we are, Every post I scheduled inside Facebook needed to be offset by a few hours. I found another tool that could do this but the UI was terrible and access on mobile was not an option
  3. I was posting links in my Tweets and Facebook status updates but I had no idea “if” or “how many” users were actually clicking them

These and other complexities meant that the task simply became too tedious and too time consuming and I eventually gave up on our Social Media push.

When I looked at the existing apps available, I found a few options that did bits and pieces of what I needed but not a single one that was easy-to-use, worked reliably and did everything I needed in One place.

This is how the idea for Stacker was born!

Final thoughts...

Stacker is the most ambitious project our team has ever developed and we would LOVE to hear what you think of it. Do take it for a spin if you haven’t done so already.
You can reach us via the comments box below, good ol' email ( ) or via Twitter ( @getstacker ).

We look forward to hearing from you!


"What are you doing that hasn't been done already ?"

"What's your product's Unique selling proposition ?"

"With so many competitors out there why should I give your product a try"

When presenting Stacker to potential customers, those are some of the first questions I get asked. Like most founders I could speak for hours-on-end as to why my baby is the best-est thing since sliced bread. But I learned the hard way that this method rarely(if ever) works.

At first, a typical question and answer session for me would go like this:

Tom: What are you doing that hasn't been done already ?

Me: Thats a great question! Stacker has this feature and that feature and it does this better the other app and when you do this, that happens and once that happens then......(you get the point)

Through much trial and error I've found that to answer the million $ question you need to first make your audience connect with the million $ problem. Only once that happens would they be willing to even consider the solution you have to offer.

Isolating our "million $ problem"...

Stacker at its core was built to solve these three problems....

  1. Publishing
  2. Reporting
  3. Replying

#3 is the most important of the three

Why #3?....because its the main reason why most users find Social Media NOT performing for their brands.

Very few brands today reply to the comments that come in on their Facebook pages and Twitter profiles. Our research shows that its not because they wont want to, its because its simply too difficult and super time consuming given the tools currently available..

I believe...

...that EVERY incoming message DESERVES a reply. This could be a Like, a Favorite, a Smiley or a Text message. Its the easiest way to show your customers that you really care!

Our "million $ solution"

Stacker solves this problem with what we call the "Universal Inbox".

Stacker pulls in comments, @replies and @mentions from all your Social Media accounts and displays them in an email inbox style that everyone is familiar with. Replying, Liking and Commenting from here is easy as apple pie!

An idea we borrowed from the good folks at Mailbox App is the ability to Archive a message once you have performed some sort of action on it. For me , the Stacker inbox serves as my personal task list and once I've responded to all the incoming messages my social-tasks are done for the day!

The bottom line

Figure out what the "Million $ Problem" is for your startup. Once you do that explaining to your audience why your product is the best thing since sliced bread will be a whole lot easier. It really worked for me!

Whats your "Million $ Problem"? Let me know in the comments...